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Cibaria International offers packaged & bulk olive oils, specialty oils, organic oils, seed oils, soapmaking oils, butters, aerosol oils, and balsamic vinegars.

"FIBR continues to give us the tools we need to keep up-to-date, highly effective, quality food safety programs in place. FIBR keeps us informed and the educational classes are invaluable."

— Kathy Griset
Cibaria International, Inc.

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Quon Yick Noodle Co.

"FIBR has been a valuable resource and has allowed us to be successful and has kept us up to date with all regulations! Because of FIBR's social events, we have also had the pleasure of meeting countless individuals who have changed the face of the food industry. We are grateful for all that FIBR has done for us, and are proud to be members of such a great association!"

— Quon Yick Noodle Co.

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99 Ranch Market

"FIBR works hard to provide us of the latest in food safety. The information and education they provide to our community is invaluable We are proud and grateful to be FIBR members."

— 99 Ranch Market

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Tahitian Gold

"FIBR has truly been a great platform to network with fellow food manufacturers and learn about the ever increasing requirements of the food industry. The certification courses have become a must for our office and production employees."

— Manuata Martin
President Tahitian Gold Co.

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Village Green Foods

"FIBR is a great networking organization for food processors and manufacturers in Southern California. We’ve found multiple resources through FIBR and have picked up a few new clients through our contact with FIBR whether at meetings or through the website. FIBR also offers an educational program for plant staff to learn about GMPs and HACCP. Courses are offered in both English and Spanish which is priceless!"

— Jenny Rosoff
Village Green Foods

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