FIBR Co-Packer Members

Co-packing provides you an opportunity take your product to market without the cost and expertise needed to operating a food processing facility. Co-packing is also an option for existing facilities that are at capacity or are trying out a new product – co-packing allows you to test the market before investing in new equipment or processes.

Please be advised that there are many different co-packing arrangements. Do your homework, find out who specializes in your type of product, what are the minimum runs needed? And consider seeking the advice of counsel before you sign any agreements.

Following is a list of FIBR members who have co-packing capabilities and the products they specialize in.

  • AFC Soy Foods, Inc.
    Office: (323) 223-7738

    AFC Soy Foods, Inc. has the capacity to provide any business with Private Label Branding as well as Customization of food products ranging from different variations of tofu, meat-alternative and specialty vegan food options.  Our extensive experience along with our high food safety standards and product quality are the principles that drive our business.  AFC’s experienced production and R&D department can help you clarify and answer any specifics about private branding and customization opportunities.  If your business is interested, please email

    • Tofu
    • Organic Tofu
    • Fried Tofu
    • Baked Tofu
    • Vegetarian & Meatless protein options

    NSF 3rd Party Audited

    GMP and HACCP Certified

    FDA Regulated Compliance

  • AI Foods
    Office: (323) 222-0827

    Rolled items such as:
    • spring rolls
    • skewered items
    • sausages
    • marinated meats
    • liquids/sauces
    • steamed buns
    • meat pies
    • ready-to-eat foods

    USDA meat-based (both raw and cooked)

    Non-USDA products (both raw and cooked)


    GMP and HACCP Certified

    Winner: 2015 FIBR Food Safety Achievement Award

  • • oils
    • sauces
    • vinegars
    • gourmet foods (example: tapenades)

  • QTrade Teas
    Office: (949) 766-0070

    • Iced teas
    • Fuso bags
    • Contract Blending

  • Soyfoods of America
    Office: (626) 358-3836

    • sweetened and/or unsweetened soymilk in 1/2 gal hdpe bottles or totes or tankers

    • sweetened and/or unsweetened organic soymilk in 1/2 gal hdpe bottles or totes or tankers

  • • Soups
    • Sauces
    • Salad Dressings
    • Sweet and savory fillings
    • Marinades
    • Dry spice blends for restaurant chains and other manufactures
    • Product is packed in pouches from 4 oz to 1 gallon (8 lbs)
    • Hot and cold products (ships either refrigerated or frozen)

    Minimum batch 40 GALLONS, (320 lbs)