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Past Events

Zoom Lunch: Foreign Object control - do you take it serious, consumers do!

Zoom Lunch: Let's talk about Food Safety Culture - How do I get my employees to buy into food safety?

Zoom Lunch: Does changing to compostable packaging effect food safety? Now the City of Los Angeles wants me to do something.

Zoom Lunch: Understanding FDA Warning Letters, are they serious?

Zoom Lunch: Are you ready for your next Food Safety Inspection? It is all in the Preparation

Zoom Lunch: Don't be scared, it's just Root Cause Analysis

Zoom Lunch: Mock Recalls or getting the bad stuff out of commerce!

Zoom Lunch: Where are those records? I need what for tracing?

Zoom Lunch: So you want to be a food safety Consultant?

Zoom Lunch: The Internet, friend or foe

Zoom Lunch: Internal Food Safety Auditing, Then and Now!

Zoom Lunch: Listeria, what's expected?

Zoom Lunch: Is My Company Ready for a Regulatory Inspection?

Zoom Lunch: To have a certification audit or not to have one, that's the question. Let's talk and see what's best for your company.

Labor & Employment Law Updates 2023

Education - FSMA September 2022

SBDC: Meeting with Claudia Shah